Construction services – DKG Development

At DKG Development we offer an integrated design and construction package, for creating modern, resilient, and sustainable buildings, featuring functional spaces of unique quality and aesthetics. Holding years of experience in property development, our team of experts can implement your plans, covering all stages, from building or converting to delivering or even operating the property, as a residence or business.

We use cutting-edge techniques and technologies to optimize the use of light and improve the energy efficiency of the building. We approach each construction as a whole, adding value to the building by meeting economic and environmental goals. For us, the sustainability of each space, the comfortable and enjoyable stay, the functionality, the safety, but also the aesthetics of the constructed building are of utmost importance.

Our goal is to design buildings that become benchmarks for the area in which they fit in and to exceed your expectations. Our experienced and dedicated team sees to it, either by undertaking a property project as a whole or participating in stages of its implementation, while ensuring delivery on time and budget.

Our engineers make sure to take into account every detail concerning the construction. From defining the functions of the building, preparing the preliminary and final architectural design to issuing the building permits and continuously supervising the construction site, until the completion and delivery of the project.

To deliver a modern, resilient and well-functioning building, we follow these steps:

  1. We discuss in detail with the client to determine housing or operating needs of the property, the number and size of individual spaces, and other relevant details
  2. We present our proposals and initial pre-costing, based on the client’s requirements and budget
  3. We present the initial plans reevaluating them on the course of the discussions until they are finalized
  4. We present the designs, photo-realistic (3D) illustrations, and choose the materials
  5. We arrive at the final offer and provide you with a detailed cost for each material and task
  6. We sign the necessary agreement explicitly stating the budget of the project, the implementation schedule and the required tasks
  7. We engage in issuing the building permit as well as other necessary documents
  8. We begin the construction process
  9. During the execution and supervision of the works, we regularly and in detail inform you on the progress of the projects, as well as on the compliance with the budget and the timetables
  10. After we have the construction tested and certified, we deliver the ready-to-use project

Our goal is to offer every customer unique services. Designing the residency or the business building of your dreams is our greatest commitment. We strive for innovation and sustainability, aiming at delivering a modern and everlasting constructions.