DKG Development finds, develops and utilizes investment property

DKG Development follows a well-designed process for finding, developing and utilizing investment property, based on our team’s many years of experience in this field. The is how we “build” our investment services:

  1. After discussing in detail with the prospective investor, we determine the parameters of the investment, such as the size of the budget, the type of property, its use, the time horizon of the investment (long or short term), the location and so on. This is how we define our investment strategy to meet the expectations and potential of each investor.
  2. Our development department tracks down investment opportunities and prepares a cost-benefit analysis for each of the potential investments.
  3. Our company’s executives monitor all legal, financial, architectural and other parameters of the investment.
  4. We prepare all the documents and follow all the necessary procedures so that our clients can get the property they want in the allotted time and the expected condition.