It is the small and medium businesses that suffered the most financial damage from COVID-19. Disruption of supplies to stores and delays in delivery to the private customers led to many businesses losing their regular clients. One must also keep in mind the massive layoffs and forced leaves that took place.

Across Europe and the world financial support packages were launched to protect businesses

The UK announced support for local businesses by making available an initial £330 billion of support, which will be used, inter alia, by means of providing £25,000 grants to retail, hospitality and leisure businesses.

The aid program, implemented by the German government, suggest compensation payment to employees, who are denied the opportunity to work the full working week (40 hours). The financial support package for businesses is estimated to reach EUR 500 billion.

The funds allocated by the French government amount to about EUR 300 billion. The Dutch will be paid from 75% to 90% of their salaries. Self-employed Italians can count on a 1.5 years mortgage rescheduling.

The US Senate decided to allocate USD 2 trillion to support business owners, that were hit by the pandemic, as well as to provide a 90-day tax deferment.

The eCommerce Marketing Automation center REES46 has also decided to participate in the global business support program and provided its new clients with free access to a number of its products, such as:

  • product recommendations;
  • personalized search;
  • triggered emails marketing;
  • push-messages and programmatic pop-ups.

By choosing even one of those products an eCommerce start-up will be able to attract potential clients.

European financial support packages